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Ragnarok - ARK Map
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Wind Areas

"H" don't show wind %. Will that be fixed?
I found a map in this wiki for the northwestern area. I gues "high wind" means 85%. Are there any 100% wind areas?
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None at all from what I've seen. The wind turbine doesn't appear to work ANYWHERE on Ragnarok.
Is this without any SE mods. These mods may break function of core data. I am not saying that is the case but a thought to try in case it is mod related affecting your turbines. I believe all engrams are unlocked on this map and Dino's so you should not need any SE mods to get things on this map.
Great, thank you. Is there a chance, that the wind-% will be shown ingame? At the moment i only get the temeratur, but not the windstatus (at SE i get that information).
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