The Carnivorous caverns are a massive, fog filled mostly dark cave under the Flatlands.

They have multiple entrances and can be a unique base spot. Its home of the Megalosaurus and some other cave dinos. But you should know that the spawnrate is very low, they're just to make you frightened when you find one. Also the fog is intended to be real strong and even the darkness. At some places are overlights which allow Plants to grow there.

This cave has even two water entrances which can be accessed from the Watertunnel with at least a Plesiosaur.


  • Megalosaurus (rare)


  • Stone
  • Metal
  • Crystal


Entrance lat lon x y z comment
Land 17.6 42.6 -96918 -423816 10294
Swamp 21.9 42.2 -102043 -367997 12429
Castle 21.1 40.4 dark and long dive
Water I long dive
Water II long dive



  • some rock pillars are able to hold a treeplatform (those rocks have rope around seen in the last pic above)