The map is currently at an early stage. Above ground landscapes are approx. 50% complete, with progress quickly moving forward on the rest. Once above ground terrain has been finished, focus will be shifted to caves, dungeons, and revisiting completed zones. You can check current progress in the discord channel.

The map below shows the current playable/completed zones, and will be updated as progress continues.

Building outside of completed zones may result in the destruction of your buildings with future updates!

Playable Area

Rag playable area

June 8,2017

  • Bug fixes
  • Boss arena spawning issues fixed
  • Relocated 2 Obelisks

May 26,2017

  • Fixed render issue
  • Added new WIP wall (more information can be found here)
  • Removed artifact cave and artifacts from map

May 21,2017

  • Added new Central Area
  • Added new Swamp area
  • Relocated the Obelisks
  • Added bee spawns

April 20,2017

  • Added volcano event
  • Added Scotland area
  • Added Snow area
  • Added Snowy Redwoods
  • Added Unicorn spawns
  • Added Giga spawn
  • New underwater zones near volcano

April 2,2017

  • Added new vulcanic area
  • Added wyvern trench
  • Added all the SE wyvern + egg places
  • Added first part of Redwoods
  • Added and reworked water zones North of playable area (excluding volcanic and redwood zones)
  • Several bug fixes

Feb. 11,2017

  • Added new coastal zone
  • Added new beaver dams to Flatlands
  • Extended the Flatlands
  • Added new Waterfalls
  • Added Bosses and all artifacts (temporarily in a single cave)

Jan. 20,2017

  • Added new buildable cave (huge one)
  • Added first under water tunnel
  • Added more parts of the flatlands (part to the snowbiom)
  • Finished mudslide
  • Added a new in game map with coordinates and a better look

Jan. 10,2017

Jan. 03, 2017

  • 12-13 % completition of the map
  • 2 biomes already playable with nearly 100% completition
  • 2 dungeons, several other caves
  • 3 special dinos, only available on this map
Rag map 2

progressmap jan. 3, 2017