The Vulcanic area is a huge biome which is not always harsh and destructive.


It borders to the Snow in the south the Hotsprings Plains in the west the ocean in the north and the Scotland area in the east. Between the Snow and the volcano is a wyvern trench located.

Information on Event

There are 2 possible events then can take place at the volcano.

1. Massive Eruption

  • will start with a rumble and geysers getting active
  • next stage, the lava flows are getting hot and deadly
  • eruption takes place with rocks flying around
  • these rocks deliver resources but do 600 dmg when they hit you
  • also be warned that those rocks can break up and do even more damage

2. rumble of the volcano

  • volcano will rumble and the geysers will be become active

both events are triggered ~ every 10000 - 15000 seconds (3 - 4 ingame days if you dont alter the settings)

you can find more info about altering the volcano here


  • mostly SE creatures can be found here


  • metal
  • obsidian
  • stone
  • wood
  • salt (from bones)


  • first shown as a black no mans land
  • has an vulcano event more infos to that can be found here